Liz Cambage weighs in on “white saviour” controversy

Australian women’s basketball star, Elizabeth Cambage, has hit out at the “white saviour” complex after British journalist Stacey Dooley posted photos with Ugandan children during the filming of a recent Comic Relief documentary project.

Dooley’s social media posts were first called out by British MP David Lammy who criticised the way Comic Relief portrays African communities as helpless without the white celebrities.

Cambage, whose father is Nigerian, posted videos on her Instagram account denouncing the “white saviour” complex and called for a renewed engagement between Western travellers and Africa.

She called for an end to white celebrities using African children as “social media props” in order to gain likes and feel better about themselves.

The 28-year-old WNBA star also hit back at critics who undermined her African heritage, saying she’s a “tough Nigerian, straight out of Africa.”.

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