Mayweather vs McGregor: A $500m fight and its marketing implications

It was billed as the fight of the century, but could it be the farce of the century? Looking at both fighters, it was a mismatch, to say the least.

Floyd Mayweather, an undefeated boxing legend (49-0) went up against mixed martial arts icon of the UFC Conor McGregor in a boxing rules contest.

The hype leading to the fight was huge, a cross-continent multi-city tour ensured it got the public tuned in anticipation of a spectacle.

And it was a spectacle indeed. We were all tuned up late night as SuperSport served up the biggest sports show on TV this year.

I was part of a select crew of sports and brands media selected by SuperSport to watch their screening of the match at the Avenue Suite in Victoria Island.

It was also an opportunity for SuperSport to share the details of the deal that saw them show the match as many of their viewers are increasingly erroneously asking for pay-per-view (PPV) access.

PPV is very expensive and is only for select premium content, staff of SuperSport tried to make their subscribers understand as they showed the game without extra charges to their Premium Bouquet subscribers.

The game ended in the 10th round but it had achieved its intent, to market itself to the watching world and it earned both fighters a massive payday.

The marketing lessons from the fight are clear for all to see. Hype will get you paid.

Many sports properties in Nigeria are failing to achieve hype and this has left them struggling to find sponsors as well as failing to find large audiences.

The ‘Money Fight’ is a major lesson for all who want to work in sports marketing, nothing is impossible.

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