A RIOU journey ends

In September 2016, I left a regular life as editor at Nigeria’s most influential football website to return to the classroom after I was admitted to the prestigious Master of Sport Administration course of the Russian International Olympic University, Sochi, a legacy of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation had offered a scholarship that covered tuition, boarding and a monthly stipend to which I will forever remain grateful.

Encouraged by my wife and several friends including my mentor, I knew it was the right step for me after spending 10 years as a journalist who has covered politics, business, entertainment and sports. I have been writing about football exclusively for the last five years and if I needed to get to the next level, I knew a course like RIOU’s MSA was what I needed.

After 10 months of rigorous work and turning in a 10,000-word dissertation, I have come to the end of the journey. Today I walk down the glorious path to receive my hard-earned diploma.

In Sochi I have made great friends and lost many. But I hold on to my honour and stand for what is right. The world is like a red red rose with its beauty and its thorns and I can only appreciate the ones who stood by me.

I embrace a promising future in communication and sport. I look forward to contributing my knowledge to the advancement of my country and humanity. Like Pierre de Coubertin, I hope sport can help us forge a better human community in understanding, equality and respect.

I open myself to new opportunities from all over the world. After all, I am a part of the human race.

Thank you to all my teachers and the staff of RIOU as well as all my friends in Sochi, a city that will remain in my heart forever.

Спасибо болшои.

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